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Adventure awaits at every turn with cascading waterfalls, crystal clear waters and a myriad of wildlife to discover.

There is no denying the natural beauty of our Estates, and luckily the lifestyle is just as dreamy. Forget the hustle and bustle you’re previously used to, as your new lifestyle will be full of relaxing moments, whether it’s at the beach, exploring the rainforests or enjoying the glorious weather.

Not to mention our culture. Belize is not defined by one culture, but a unique blend of influences from all over the world. It’s this blend that gives our people the distinct ability to make anyone feel welcome. From cuisine to language to dancing, explore the cultures and traditions that make us so unique. 

Whether it’s fresh fruits and vegetables or fish that’s been freshly caught that day – nothing can compare to fresh, local food. Our menus are influenced by our incredibly diverse cultures; Creole, Mayan, Garifuna, Spanish, British, Chinese and American; the influence can be seen in many of the fantastic dishes available at our restaurants and throughout the country. Rest assured that your meals will be prepared using only the top local and organic ingredients from surrounding gardens.

Prepare yourself for a very laid back lifestyle. In Belize, island time does exist! Locals aren’t used to the fast pace that many of us have become accustomed to over the years; so, embrace the fact that not everything has to be done on time. You’ll soon realise that the world won’t end if you’re a few minutes late.Overall, you can expect a relaxing lifestyle with great food and experiences to go along with it.

Discover our Beach or Jungle Residences for yourself!

As a career developer of successful resorts and real estate developments The Belize Collection is confident in offering our clients the opportunity to sample a no obligation VIP stay at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge or Jaguar Reef Lodge. Get the chance to experience the magic of Belize and the warm and inviting hospitality of the The Belize Collection family.