A Captivating Blend of Culture and Tradition

While nature’s unspoiled beauty is a leading highlight of the Belize experience, there is an abundance of cultural heritage within our borders, waiting to be explored. From the Maya Mountains in the heartlands to the cultural capital of Hopkins, the throbbing of Garifuna drums sound the call to venture into the heart of a nation rich with diversity and captivating cultures. From magnificent temples to the precious pottery found in water-carved cave systems, our land tells a tale of an ancient Maya kingdom that has not been forgotten. With hand-carved canoes adorning the Caribbean coast, and line-caught fish served with hearty ground-foods to satisfy your soul, taste and see the bounty of the Garifuna culture.  

Delve into the exotic cultural encounters of Belize, and be captivated by a melting pot of cultural heritage in this English-speaking nation. Bordered by turquoise seas and inviting tropical landscape, Belize marries Caribbean culture and Central American heritage with international influences, creating a treasure trove of adventure and flavor to be discovered and savored. Here, you’ll find cultural backgrounds aplenty with people groups such as the Maya, Mestizo, Kriol, Garifuna, East Indian, and Mennonite – with increasingly growing communities from the East, such as Taiwanese, Chinese, and Lebanese. Connect with culture and be inspired by once-in-a-lifetime encounters, as you discover Belize as the perfect setting for your secluded haven.

Garifuna Culture in Hopkins/Savannah Homes

Be immersed in the Garifuna culture, and find the most genuine joy in connecting with Hopkin’s Garinagu people. Affectionately known for having the most friendly inhabitants, Hopkins is the ideal place to indulge in the craft and cuisine of culture while discovering a fountain of friendship in the locals. Learn the skills of dramatic drumming, and find your rhythm learning Belize’s most popular dance of “Punta” from local experts. Here, farm-to-table cuisine is matched with equally incredible sea-to-table delicacies. Savor the tantalizing taste of red snapper simmered in coconut cream and served with sweet mashed plantains. Indulge in the aromatic drink of “Hiu” as cassava, ginger, and sweet potato are steeped together for a sweet and soul-soothing traditional treat. Taste the warmth of culture in every flavor. 

Maya Culture at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge & Estates

Belize was once the very center of the Maya civilization, and Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge is now hidden away in the center of the country, making the Estates the perfect place to experience the splendor of the Maya culture. Between towering canopies and emerald jungles, discover uncovered ruins, treasured relics, and age-old stories of the Maya way of life. Trade-in a fast-paced lifestyle to embrace a new-to-you way of living. At the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge and its adjoined Estates, embrace the simplicity of organic local produce from the surrounding 600 acre Mayan farmlands. Savor the depth of flavor from stone-ground masa and fire-hearth fare.  Drink in the goodness of the Mayan superfoods, such as chocolate, and Chaya, known as the “Magic Maya Spinach”. Feast your eyes on hand-hewn wooden carvings, and the detailed weave work and pottery that adorn your riverside home.

Discover our Beach or Jungle Residences for yourself!

As a career developer of successful resorts and real estate developments The Belize Collection is confident in offering our clients the opportunity to sample a no obligation VIP stay at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge or Jaguar Reef Lodge. Get the chance to experience the magic of Belize and the warm and inviting hospitality of the The Belize Collection family.