Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estates

Prime Real Estate with Jungle Seclusion

Surrounded by views of lush mountains and sinuous rainforest rivers, the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge immerses guests in the culture of the countryside, while nurturing an appreciation for the bounty of the Belizean heartlands. Located only an hour and a half away from the international airport, and in close proximity to the capital city, this is a place of surprising natural wonder. Marking an extraordinary destination complete with soaring mountain peaks, freshwater streams, lush jungle landscape, and undulating hills, the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estates set the bar for a luxury living experience in Belize. With sustainability, the environment, and local heritage at the heart of the resort, the addition of this prime-property community compliments it’s adjoining resort with a welcomed invitation. The concept of empowering a deeper connection to the surrounding jungle and nature reserves attract guests to linger a little longer, and maybe even make this community their own.

Calling these heartlands “home” comes with the outstanding service and spectacular spaces the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge is so well known for. With sizeable estate lots from 0.5 acres to just under one acre large, hand-pick your piece of paradise and make your home uniquely your own. Flexible architectural design guidelines offer the freedom to build your estate easily and efficiently with customizations to meet your unique style and needs.

Home Design and Features

Embark on a journey towards a new life – one with a front-row seat to the sights and sounds of the Sibun River Valley. Perched on the foothills of the Maya Mountains, where cedar trees rise from the jungle floor and rushing rivers meander by, we are reserving a space for your new home on our private estate. Over one hundred lots of prime property compose this new Estate at the renowned Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant.

2 Bedroom Villa

3 Bedroom Villa

4 Bedroom Villa