Jaguar Reef Village FAQs

This development will be built in 3 phases. Construction on the first phase of villas began January 2024, and are scheduled to be complete in January 2026. This first phase will include:

2 – Three Bedroom Beachfront Villas

2 – Three Bedroom Beach View Villas

3 – Three Bedroom Courtyard Villas

5 – Two Bedroom Courtyard Villas

8 – One Bedroom Courtyard Villas (Small)

5 – Pool Front One Bedroom Units

6 – Beachfront One Bedroom Units

  • Community pool
  • Pool bar
  • Large dock with restaurant and bar


The second phase is anticipated to be begin construction mid 2026. This second phase will include:

2 – One Bedroom Courtyard Villas (Large)

6 – One Bedroom Courtyard Villas (Small)

5 – Two Bedroom Courtyard Villas 

1 – Three Bedroom Courtyard Villa

The final phase is anticipated to begin construction mid 2028. This final phase will include:

4 story hotel structure with 16 hotel units, and rooftop bar/restaurant.

Three Bedroom Beachfront Villas – US$950,000

Three Bedroom Beach View Villas – US$675,000

Three Bedroom Courtyard Villas – Starting at US$572,500

Two Bedroom Courtyard Villas – Starting at US$455,000

One Bedroom Courtyard Villas – Starting at US$278,500

Pool Front One Bedroom Units – US$335,000

Beachfront One Bedroom Units – US$398,000

The price includes the villa, lot, furniture, and appliances. A complete turnkey property.

The villa construction is broken up into 5 phases. Upon completion of each construction phase, a deposit equalling roughly one fifth of the total cost would be paid. Upon signing the Sales Agreement a preconstruction deposit would be due, and the first phase of construction would be completed and proven to the buyer. Then the next deposit for second phase of construction would then be paid, and then the second phase would be completed. This process would continue for 3 more phases until the end of construction when the Final Inspection deposit would be due. Each of these deposits would be non-refundable.

Yes, seller financing is available. Buyers can finance up to 40% of the total cost at 7% interest for 3-year term, with a 15-year amortization. Mortgage payments would begin after construction of the villa. A balloon payment would be due at the end of the 3-year term.

Closing cost would be 4% (of the total property cost). This is for share issuance, Central Bank approval, preparation of mortgage (if any), and Stamp Duty on mortgage filing.

The initial monthly HOA dues will be set at US$200.00 per month for the first two years after completion of the villas, for those units that are participating in the rental pool. For buyer’s not participating in the rental program, the HOA dues will be set at US$400.00 per month. The monthly fee will be US$100.00 for beachfront/pool front one-bedroom units and hotel rooms participating in the rental pool and US$200.00 those not participating in the rental pool. After the first two years the HOA will be set annually thereafter based on a budget established by the Directors of Caribbean Inspired Development Limited.

HOA fees are to cover all common expenses such as security, concierge service, the maintenance of the common areas within Jaguar Reef Village such as the road right of way and gardens, the swimming pool and surroundings, and the dock, but not any costs associated with the operation, maintenance or repair of the individual Units.

There is a Resort Fee component of the monthly HOA dues of US$50.00 to ensure property owners of Jaguar Reef Village have access to the resort facilities.

Annual property taxes are low and anticipated to be US$15-US$30 annually.

Rental of the villas is available through our management company The Belize Collection. The onsite management is provided by Jaguar Reef Village. It is not possible to rent the units independently from our operation as we want to maintain consistency of our product offering in terms of product quality, packages offered, and pricing. There is a legal restriction as well, the Belize Tourism Board will only give out one hotel license per property, so all 47 villas on this property must operate under the same hotel license.

The split is 50% (owner)/ 50% (resort) on all generated rental revenue, net of third-party commissions.

No. Owners have the option to enter and exit the rental pool as they please.

There are no blackout dates for owner usage, and no restrictions as to how many days an owner can use their unit or participate in the rental pool. Entering and leaving the rental pool is as easy as blocking off room nights with our reservation’s office. One stipulation is that any unblocked room nights that are booked need to be honored. We cannot kick booked guests or cancel existing reservations for the owner’s use.

Based on the historical rental performance of comparable unit categories at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef, we anticipate the ROI for these villas will run around 5.5% – 8%, depending on your villa of choice. The annual occupancy rate for the current The Lodge at Jaguar Reef hotel units’ averages about 70% – 75%.

This typically includes about a month of owner usage. Often our owners use the property off-peak times so the impact on rental income is not really that significant.  If for instance, an owner came during Christmas and the month of March, two prime periods, they would adversely affect revenues.  

Proformas for each villa type can be provided upon request.

Owners would become a member of The Belize Collection Owners Club, which would entitle them to a discount of 20% off the best available rate at any Belize Collection Resort, and 10% discount on food, beverage, tours, and private transfers.