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Choose to Live Where Your Heart Is

Embark on an enchanting escape to Belize and lose yourself in a land hardly touched by the hands of time. As a nature-lovers utopia, Belize is filled with endless options for enchanting escapes. Hike through dense jungles to ruins of an age-old civilization; swim along with grand whale sharks; set sail to a pristine private island. Arriving is easy, with no visas required for US and Canadian citizens, and plenty of direct flights from major airports. Those who choose to experience this jewel are richly rewarded as they discover a treasure trove of cultural and ecological; diversity. Coming to Belize is easy, it’s leaving that’s difficult.

Live Where Your Heart Is

Expat living is made easy in Belize’s with such close proximity to the United States. Only two hours away from Miami or Houston by plane, Belize is close enough to the comforts of home, while remaining refreshingly removed from the buzz of North America’s big cities. With the solace of English as the legal language and the familiarity of a democratic government with British Common law, perks like incredible real estate investments, low property taxes, and special incentive programs for retirees are too great to resist.

Laid-back lifestyle

With Belize boasting hundreds of islands within her waters, it’s only right that this main-land country can choose to carry out life on “island time”. Countrywide, the go-slow motto of the islands is adopted and upheld by locals and ex-pats alike. Embrace a new pace of living, slowing down to savor the simple pleasures of a nation replete with natural wonders, ancient cultures, and charming contrasts.

Natural Living

While unique local produce and a wealth of terrains to explore, living naturally in Belize is near effortless. Connecting with nature through exploration and adventure is a must in Belize. As a country of less than nine-thousand square miles, Belize abounds with nature reserves, national parks, and protected marine environments. From the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve to the Belize Barrier Reef, protecting the natural environs and ensuring the sustainability of the country is a top priority. 

Culture and Flavor

As a melting pot of culture, Belize offers a life which is unfailingly interesting. Timeworn temples and rural gastronomy are standard ways to experience first-hand the rich heritage of this land.

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